When we decided to create Lone Star Bed & Bale we planned our operation to suit the needs of people traveling with horses. Our facility will accommodate large rigs, living quarter trailers, and multiple vehicles. The yard is well lighted so even if you arrive after dark, getting horses unloaded and "tucked-in" is easy.

Security is very important to us. Our entire facility is fenced with a 7' chain-link fence. We also feature an electronic gate thus giving us complete control over who comes onto the property. We live on-site at Lone Star, so you can rest assured that someone is always available.
Would your horse be more relaxed sleeping outside after being cooped up in a trailer all day? No problem. Besides the barn we have outside Priefert panel pens and a 55' round pen available.

Over the years we have had nearly every kind of equine stay over with us. We thought we had seen some large horses in some of the warmbloods, but when the Budweiser Clydesdales arrived we got to see how the really "Big Boys" travel in style. The ten gentle giants spent a comfy night in Texas at Lone Star Bed & Bale en-route to another spectacular performance.

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